FX Trading Corporation (Sharing)

Hello everyone.

I have not written sharing about my journey for 1 year. Because I’m finding somethings that make money during journey together. I would like to share my investment but some investment cannot share depending on their policy. So I will share one investment only and I think that it will be useful for everyone who loves journey.

Please note that this is AI(or Robot) make money not you. You just invest and waiting to withdraw your profit from FX Trading (Minimum withdraw 50$ and you can withdraw on Monday to Friday). The profit around 1.2%-1.5% per day except for Saturday and Sunday. The profit result from my investment. You can invest since 100$ until 50,000$ no more.

This is my profit & withdrawal history.


This business does Arbitrage Cryptocurrency in Blockchain Technology. There are 3 things you must to know.

1.Arbitrage (How to make profit Crypto by Arbitrage).
2.Blockchain Technology.

But I will small explain about “How to make profit Crypto by Arbitrage”.

How to make profit Crypto by Arbitrage???

In Crypto market, there is a different price. So we will buy Crypto inexpensive price at one market and sell Crypto expensive price at another market.

For Example.
Bitcoin (BTC) Market.1.PNG

At RightBTC market, BTC price is 3546.61$ but at DOBI Exchange market, BTC price is 3581.03$. We will buy BTC at RightBTC and transfer BTC to DOBI Exchange then sell BTC. So we can make a profit around 35$. But there are more details than I showed you. So you need to study by yourself. Other details I will give link FX video in my blog.

You can register FX Trading as below link and see details on web FX Trading.



After you were registered you can see introduction video at menu Material>>VDO.


How Fx Trading Corporation works. (ENGLISH)

For Thailand, I will share “How to transfer THB to BX Exchange for buy BTC” , “How to transfer BTC to FX for activated investment” and “How to withdraw money from FX”.

Other countries, I don’t know about your Cryptocurrency Exchange Service in your country. But I think you can find it on youtube.

How to transfer money (THB) to BX exchange? (Thai Version)


How to buy BTC in BX exchange then transfer to FX for activated your investment? (Thai Version)


How to withdraw money from FX? (Thai Version)

Finally, I hope that it will be useful for who love journey and want to make money during travel and I am sorry about my English.

Thank you.

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